Success Stories

Read how Continual’s Mobility Experience Analytics has helped to achieve measurable improvements in Quality of Experience and customer satisfaction.

Continual x Vodafone

Vodafone Ireland

Continual carried out a two-year joint research program with Vodafone Ireland  and Vodafone Group, in a cutting-edge project to analyze and improve the experience of subscribers travelling on roads. Continual’s connected mobility intelligence is also helping Vodafone to prove the feasibility of accurately controlling the quality of service for Connected Cars, a pre-requisite towards the journey of Autonomous Cars.

TeleKom Serbija

The Serbian operator chose to implement Continual’s advanced Mobility Experience Analytics solutions to improve the performance of its network, and to score better on brand loyalty.

Continual x Telecom Serbja
Continual x Oi

Oi Brazil

Oi chose Continual’s Mobility Experience Analytics to roll out across its nationwide network in Brazil, to analyze and improve the connected experience of millions of subscribers, wherever they go and whether stationary or on the move. A demonstrable improvement in network performance and connected mobility experience was achieved.

MegaFon Russia

MegaFon has successfully deployed Continual’s Mobility Experience Analytics solution to improve its network performance across roads in the Moscow metropolitan area. MegaFon faced a number of challenges—including multiple technologies, new bands, and the addition of small cells—along with a rising demand for data. Continual’s solution has enabled MegaFon to maintain its superiority in network quality in a highly competitive market.

Cellcom Israel

CellMining’s Mobility Experience Analytics solution helps Cellcom Israel roll out and grow its networks while maintaining high performance across all generations of networks, including both Nokia and Ericsson equipment.