The Solution

The Connected
Journey Experience

Continual offers Advanced data analytics based on ML and pattern recognition technology that ensure an uninterrupted, quality experience for both mobile subscribers and connected vehicles.

The Connected Journey Experience

Demands on mobile operators are continuasly growing: mobile data consumption by smartphones increasing exponentially, and now Connected Cars are bringing additional requirements for a flawless, high quality communication experience.
Continual analyzes voice and data usage patterns for all subscribers, 24/7, flagging adverse network experiences that affect subscribers and connected vehicles. Using advanced ML it correlates all the important parameters and establishes the impact of these experiences on subscribers. Groundbreaking pattern recognition technology gives visibility into user experience patterns along travel routes, providing vital information to network operators and to businesses serving the Connected Car markets.

Connected Journey Experience​


  • Unique network insight using ML to correlate subscribers, handsets, roads and services against KQIs
  • Virtual Network NPS – advanced ML models to predict detractors and reduce churn
  • Prioritize network actions based on business metrics like NPS, ARPU, retention etc.


  • Driver and connected car experience analytics, correlating QoS with driver usage patterns
  • Correlates available coverage with potential routes, creating a near real-time experience road map showing color code for coverage and quality
  • Benchmarks the quality of the Connected Car WiFi experience
  • Detects negative connectivity experiences and determines their effect on the customer base

Connected Car

Continual Analyzes voice and data usage patterns 24/7 to ensure the superior, always-on network experience Connected Cars demand for optimum communications, monitoring, and to perform critical functions.

Connected Subscribers

The data sets used by traditional network analytics systems focus on mobile network cell and radio parameters, but ignore those of individual users or particular handsets.


Virtual Network NPS is a technology-driven technique for predicting detractors within the subscriber base without an NPS survey.


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