M:tel selects CellMining’s CEM-based SON

M:tel selects CellMining’s CEM-based SON


M:tel selects CellMining’s CEM-based SON

CX-driven SON solution will maximize M:tel’s network performance, reduce operational costs and deliver improved subscriber experience, based on subscriber usage patterns.

CX-driven SON solution will maximize M:tel’s network performance, reduce operational costs and deliver improved subscriber experience, based on subscriber usage patterns

Caesarea, Israel—February 17, 2016 — CellMining Ltd, a leading provider of Self-Organizing Networks (SON) and subscriber network experience solutions, today announced that Bosnian mobile network operator M:tel has selected its Behavior-based SON ™ solution to enhance its network performance and deliver a superior subscriber experience.

The selection of CellMining’s Behavior-Based SON solution took place after a detailed evaluation process, which was performed on the live M:tel mobile network. During the trial the challenge was for SON to replace intensive manual tasks that were normally performed by M:tel’s radio engineering teams. The trial results achieved using CellMining’s unique analytics system based on subscriber usage patterns demonstrated significant KPI improvements, enabling the operator to maximize network performance, reduce network operational costs and deliver an overall improved experience for its subscribers.

“Mobile communications is a highly competitive business, and operators like ourselves are constantly striving to maintain subscriber loyalty by offering them the best possible user experience,” said Miodrag Vojinovic, CTO of M:tel. “After a rigorous selection process we selected the CellMining SON solution as the one that would achieve this for us most effectively.”

“Winning the contract with M:tel is a testament to the effectiveness of our unique subscriber-centric network optimization, said Greg Snipper, CEO of CellMining. “In addition to providing optimization that is fine-tuned to the needs of their subscribers, our solution also offers rapid integration and deployment so the operator can start reaping the benefits as quickly as possible.”

The solution was implemented over M:tel’s Huawei and Nokia 2G and 3G networks, and is also compatible with 4G LTE when that begins to roll out. CellMining’s SON solution is now ready to support closed-loop, near real-time antenna neighboring across the different vendors and technologies; mobility load balancing; resolution for GSM frequency duplication; and UMTS code conflicts and optimization of LAC for subscriber availability and reduced network overhead.

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About CellMining

CellMining provides mobile network operators and MVNOs with a unique toolset for optimizing user experience and network performance based on real-time metrics of subscriber data. The company’s ground-breaking Subscriber Network Analytics technology monitors subscriber experience data, identifies usage patterns, and reconstructs entire call and communication flows for individuals and business customer groups. CellMining has pioneered the integration of SON (Self-Optimizing Networks) with CEM (Customer Experience Management). This provides MNOs and MVNOs with a world-class solution to optimize their networks for subscriber experience excellence, improving against network KPIs, saving on operational and engineering costs, and reducing subscriber churn.

A forward-thinking startup, CellMining has drawn together an experienced team of industry professionals dedicated to solving business and technical challenges for leading carriers around the world.

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