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Connected Mobility

Continual’s advanced Mobility Experience Analytics continuously monitor and benchmark experience profiles for connected vehicles, driving- and passenger-subscribers, ensuring uninterrupted, superior-quality connectivity across all routes.

Connected Mobility

The smart, connected world of the future needs a new approach to monitoring and improving network quality for subscribers on the move, as well as all connected ‘Things’. Mobile operators are investing substantially in infrastructure to provide excellent network quality for subscribers on roads and highways, but the existing tools for measuring and monitoring user experience are not able to provide the detailed, systematic and holistic monitoring that is now becoming essential.

Mobility Experience Analytics applies artificial intelligence (AI) to CDRs, building experience profiles for connected vehicles and on-board subscribers, and maps them against a precise travel route.

Discrete road segment scores are built continuously 24/7, and broken down against the relevant services, such as video streaming or file sharing, for all connected devices – handsets, modems and cars.

Continual’s Connected Car and subscriber network experience analytics provide predictive insights, ensuring a superior always-on network experience. Network engineers can drill down to the different segment KQIs and see the exact cells that have impacted the experience. Unique machine learning algorithms predict the expected hourly data load per segment.

Mobility Experience Analytics Diagram
Experience heatmap for subscribers driving on main highways
Drill-in and zoom-in screens to isolate and investigate problematic roads
Drill-in and zoom-in screens to isolate and investigate problematic roads

Unique features and benefits

  • Provides invaluable data source for network operators, car manufacturers and apps providers serving the Connected Car market, ensuring superior QoE for their customers
  • Assigns KQIs per road segment, based on actual subscriber QoE
  • Does not require probes, traces or mobile device apps.
  • Discriminates between stationary and moving subscribers, and provides accurate geolocation of communication events without using GPS
  • Integrates with SON platforms for closed-loop network optimization
  • Data driven insights for smart cities and infrastructure planning

Connected Car

Continual Analyzes voice and data usage patterns 24/7 to ensure the superior, always-on network experience Connected Cars demand for optimum communications, monitoring, and to perform critical functions.

Connected Subscribers

The data sets used by traditional network analytics systems focus on mobile network cell and radio parameters, but ignore those of individual users or particular handsets.


Virtual Network NPS is a technology-driven technique for predicting detractors within the subscriber base without an NPS survey.


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