The Solution

Mobility Experience Analytics for Car OEMs

Continual analyzes mobile voice and data usage patterns 24/7 and uses groundbreaking AI and pattern recognition to map driver and passenger experience along travel routes, ensuring the high-quality, always-on network experience Connected and Autonomous Cars demand.

The Connected and Autonomous Car Experience

Continual provides connected vehicle manufacturers with a unique toolset for analyzing and improving the connected journey experience. Our Mobility experience analytics solution applies 24/7 monitoring and mapping of cellular connection quality and the services delivered to the connected / autonomous car and passengers inside it. The unique, patent-pending algorithm accurately re-constructs the travel routes of cars, providing nationwide road and highway heatmaps, showing network quality and experience. The data also includes demographic and geographical analytics of travel habits of the customer base, leading to improved marketing segmentation and monetization opportunities.

Car OEMs
Network-supported autonomous driving

Why use Mobility Analytics?

  • Improve passenger experience on all services that depend on mobile data, such as infotainment, traffic and navigation
  • Ensure adequate network capacity and coverage on the roads for routine offloading of vehicle and in-car app data to the cloud
  • Support software updates over the air, such as version upgrades and vulnerability fixes
  • Autonomous driving: meet L5 remote control center handover requirements, which need road segments supporting low-latency and high throughput networks
  • Safety alerts (accidents, severe weather conditions) based on RT aggregated car data

Mobility Analytics Solution includes:

Driver and passenger experience analytics

  • Unique Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) for experience patterns
  • Discriminates between vehicle and network service issues
  • Correlates available coverage with potential journey routes
  • Benchmarks the quality of the Connected Car Wi-Fi experience


  • End-to-end route analysis
  • Places of interest and crowded places
  • Highway traffic speed and congestion patterns