CellMining announces detection of VoLTE Low Quality Calls

CellMining announces detection of VoLTE Low Quality Calls


CellMining announces detection of VoLTE Low Quality Calls

CellMining leverages Behavior-Based SON™ technology to detect Low Quality Voice Calls on LTE networks and helps operators to understand and address problematic network quality issues.

Caesarea, Israel, May 06, 2015 – CellMining Ltd., a technology leader in the field of Self-Organizing Networks (SON) today announced the addition of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) support to its market leading Behavior-Based SON™ Solution. This facility extends existing capability to detect Low Quality Calls made on 2G, 3G and LTE networks, to voice calls run over LTE networks.

The global proliferation of LTE networks is driving operators to launch VoLTE in an attempt to capitalize on this newly available capacity. However, field experiments and commercial launches have shown that the quality of the subscriber experience, based on the premise of VoLTE’s improved audio quality, is adversely impaired by radio network planning and configuration issues, or even faults in the core and transmission networks.

CellMining’s Behavior-Based SON™ is the only solution that analyzes and identifies subscriber usage patterns and detects Low Quality VoLTE Calls in which subscribers experience poor audio, digitation, waterfall noise etc. These issues often go unnoticed by other network monitoring and optimization systems, but CellMining’s enhanced solution detects the calls and maps the problems as they relate to subscriber profile, cell or handset model. It also addresses LTE network mobility, accessibility and throughput issues with both open- and closed-loop SON functionality.

CellMining’s new VoLTE Low Quality Call detection solution is currently being field-evaluated by a leading wireless operator.

Greg (Giora) Snipper, CellMining’s CEO comments: “With our latest support for VoLTE, we help mobile operators to maximize returns from their investments in LTE, and also ensure a great subscriber experience”.

CellMining will present VoLTE Low Quality Call detection in the upcoming CommunicAsia 2015 Exhibition in Singapore between June 2nd – 5th.

About CellMining Ltd.

Established in 2013, CellMining is a leading pioneer of the Self-Organizing Networks (SON) domain with a unique approach for handling network optimization challenges. Using ground-breaking underlying technology which provides SON and subscriber analytics, CellMining’s Behavior-Based SON™ Technology helps wireless network operators to capitalize on improved network performance KPIs, save on operational and engineering costs, and reduce subscriber churn.

CellMining Ltd. is headquartered in Caesarea, Israel.

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