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5 ways mobile operators can improve profitability


5 ways mobile operators can improve profitability

Knowing whether or not your customers are happy with their mobile experience is very important in retaining their business.

Knowing whether or not your customers are happy with their mobile experience is very important in retaining their business. Mobile operators are continually benchmarking customer satisfaction and calculating Net Promotor Score (NPS), but often the main parameters being assessed are the ‘softer’ ones like the helpfulness of call centers. Determining exactly how the network is performing for each and every customer, and automatically triggering changes to improve that experience, is a far more effective approach, and such a network CEM solution can also bring advantages that are felt more immediately in the bottom line. Here we discuss some of the main ways that operators can proactively boost their profitability by deploying network CEM

  1. Network CEM can help set business priorities for RF engineering teams: By identifying and targeting for service improvement key customers such as high ARPU subscribers who may be experiencing poor quality of experience, mitigating actions can be taken to avoid losing them. To do this effectively it is vital that the most important data on negative subscriber experiences—such as low quality voice calls, slow video streaming, frequent dropped connections, and incompatible handsets—can be pinpointed in real time and rapidly addressed. Furthermore, network CEM can identify the geographical regions where high-ARPU subscribers are concentrated, or which cells dominate their usage during the working day, and ensure that these cells receive priority treatment from the network team to look after and preserve these VIP customers.
  2. Network CEM can help reduce churn: If customers move house, a CEM system can pick this up either from CRM data or by analysis of user patterns, indicating that the cell sites used most frequently at night or at weekends have changed. It can then monitor the coverage at their new location and—by comparing individual KPIs—ensure that they do not see a degradation in quality of experience (QoE) that might make them decide to look for another service provider.
  3. CEM can help increase ARPU: By flagging and analyzing subscribers who only appear to be using 2G/3G voice or VoLTE with no real data consumption, and by cross validating other behavior patterns, handset attributes (like multiple SIM slots), and available coverage in their home or work locations, this may indicate that they are also using competitor data plans. They can then be targeted for a package that might win them back.
  4. Network CEM can help monetize inbound roamers: Roamers from international partner networks represent another category of high-revenue user, and one that can very easily be lost to other networks if they do not perceive an excellent connection. Network CEM can be used to monitor the behavior patterns of inbound roamers, categorized by their home network. Treatment of specific sites that serve inbound roamers in greater than average proportions should be prioritized above others. Network CEM also enables the MNO to provide its roaming partners with QoE reports, which are an extremely useful tool when negotiating agreements with them.
  5. Network CEM can help launch a new handset into the market, and maximize potential revenue from its new features: by monitoring a controlled group of pilot subscribers, the quality of experience using the new handsets can be benchmarked and optimized. Any network incompatibilities, site-specific configurations or general handset problems can then be identified and resolved with the manufacturer before general launch to the network’s customers. Network CEM also makes it possible to compare the performance of handset brands against that of white label (unbranded) devices across the entire subscriber base.

In conclusion, a smart, customer-aware network CEM system giving actionable insights into customer behavior can bring MNOs substantial benefits. These include increasing ARPU, reducing churn, and also potentially reducing both OPEX and CAPEX. All of these factors contribute to an increase in profitability and a more successful business all round.


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